Staff Members
Ethan Mizell (Butcher)

Ethan Mizell became part of the MeatWorks dream in 2012.  He is from the Ft. Smith, Ar area.  Ethan started out cutting meat at Sam's Club.  He mentions the skills gained there were effiency and time management.  After his time with Sam's, he worked in a well established mom-pop type butcher shop in Ft. Smith.  Ethan's time there allowed him to focus on pleasing the customer, knowledge of cuts and cases.  Our endeavor has taken Ethan in a whole new direction.  As we focus on whole animal butchery, he has had to expand his skills to involve carcass breakdown and utilization.  He has been to numerous trainings and conferences to improve his knowledge and skill.  Ethan is completely enthusiastic about cutting meat and loves to help the customer make a grand meal.  

Jessica Robbins

Jessica is one of our Shop Keepers.  She is here to help you make a REAL FOOD connection.  She is a great cook, helps create recipes, pull orders, manages inventory and helps package orders as welll.  Ask her advice for gluten-free cooking, she has a cookbook!


Greg and Lavonne Hickl of Fourche River Farm & Cattle Co (Farmer)

Fourche River Farm & Cattle Company is a family owned and operated farm focused on raising heritage breeds in a humane, wholesome and sustainable environment. Our animals are  raised naturally on pasture, the way God intended, without harmful hormones or antibiotics. We raise grassfed  Red Devon and Red Devon/Angus cross cattle  and pastured Large Black Hogs.  Our daughters manage our egg-layer flock of heritage breed chickens and grassfed Jersey herd. We feel truly blessed to be able to live this farming life and honored to be able to provide other families with food that is healthy, tasty, tender and REAL.

Andy & Tracy Youngblood of Youngblood GrassFed Farm (Farmer)

Youngblood GrassFed Farm is a small, sustainable, 100% grassfed farm located in Southwest Arkansas. We produce all-natural, grassfed and finished beef from our emerging herd of Devon and Red Angus-Devon cross beef , Katahdin sheep  and Kiko goats raised without hormones or antibiotics. We also have pastured, heritage, rare-breed Large Black Hogs as well as some beautiful Tamworth crosses. Finally, we have a small herd of Jerseys, of course; grassfed. We are deeply committed to providing the finest quality products for our family friends and community.